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Three Working Station Full Servo Motor High Speed Thermoforming Machine

  • MX-15G

The machine is mainly suitable for hot forming of PVC, HIPS, PET, PS, PP, EPS and other plastic sheet materials, widely used in food, local specialties, tourism supplies, craft accessories, cosmetics, medical supplies, children's toys, electrical and electronic components, daily hardware and other packaging products.

Functional features:

1. Mechanical, pneumatic and electrical integration.The operation program is controlled by PLC.15 "touch screen operation, simple and convenient.

2, servo drive up and down molding positive and negative pressure molding.Operating speed and force can be accurately adjusted.

3, servo feed, length stepless adjustment, high-speed accurate and stable.

4. Heating in upper and lower electric heaters.

5. The temperature control system of electric heating furnace adopts all-computer intelligent automatic compensation control, and the multi-control system adopts man-machine interface digital input, which has the advantages of high fine tuning accuracy, uniform temperature, fast temperature rise, stability (not affected by external voltage, temperature fluctuation of no more than 1 degree), low energy consumption, long service life of furnace plate and so on.

6, molding, cutting unit mold, mold closing servo control, products automatic counting output.

7. The output of products adopts the built-in manipulator to take out and stack.

8, with product data and parameters file memory preservation function.No need to boot up and reenter.

9. The width of chain rail can be adjusted synchronously or separately.

10. Automatic removal device of electric heating furnace.

11. Mechanical loading coil device can reduce the labor intensity of workers.




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